Allow me to introduce myself. My name is George D. Appel, PhD.  I  am a retired school administrator who volunteered to serve on an technology advisory committee for my high school.  This led me to web 2.0 and 21st century web based skills.  Part of the committee’s responsibility is to develop a process by which, first professionals and then students, develop skills sets in this realm; next, provide guidance in developing e-portfolios to document the performance tasks completed along the way and lastly, devise a process for teachers to leverage their and their students skills into transforming the teaching and learning process in the school.

No big deal, right?  Right.  This blog is intended to chronicle the process of finding viable solutions to these professional development and transformation problems.  The path will undoubtedly be crooked at times and contain switchbacks and dead ends.  Please bear with me and offer any suggestions or criticisms you may have.

A few months into my own research into web 2.0, I found Cmaps Tools; a concept mapping application.  After some experimentation with it, I decided it would be an excellent advanced organizer and pathway to a “learning object” capable of solving my four tasks.  Therefore, my first blog post is about Cmaps Tools and concept mapping.  I invite you to read it.

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